It's Never Easy......

And I don't ever expect it to be.  Saying goodbye to our kids and sending them off will never be easy.

on our way to the airport this AM
This morning my daughter packed her bags and headed back to London.  She only has 2 weeks till her exams begin so this will be a busy time for her.

10 months ago when we found out we were moving back to Kazakhstan Renee told us that she wanted to stay back and if we could please find a way to allow her to finish her final year in London, without us.
Of course as a mom this request worried me but everything about it made sense.  Why would we move her in her final year to a new school and have her try to settle without us and navigate through new surroundings, all while trying to complete her final year,  and do well.  That would have been unfair.

What worried me the most was that she would have to board.  Have student accommodation somewhere, be responsible for her meals, her laundry, paying rent and all the other responsibilities that come with living away from home.

Well 10 months on she's made me and her father proud.  She's worked hard, she's grown up and she's proved to herself that she can make it out there.

She's had an offer on a couple of Uni's/colleges out there and now to prove to herself that she has what it takes.....
the sky is the limit Renee......and it's all up to you how far you go!

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Mari said...

All the kids are growing fast! Good for her for being so responsible and mature. You did good!