Saying Goodbyes.........already

And so it has begun.  It's that time of the year when we say goodbye to those friends who have become like family.

And it's never easy.
Today we gathered to say goodbye to a dear person who has been in our community for a while and who has done so much for it.  She definitely was a 'doer' in this community of ours.
We came in together and then I left.  Now that I've come back she's moving on.
In most communities there are always those who plan/organise and then those who carry out those ideas.  Everyone has a role, but for me, it's the 'doers' who are the real hero's.  But we need them all in every community and for any community to thrive.  They don't ask for anything in return, they just step up and get involved.

We'll miss you Tracy.  I'll miss you.  And hopefully our paths will cross again.

maybe your wondering why the picture - well it's the inside of a yurt.  and this part of the yurt is known as the shanyrak.  it represents the sun.  And of course it's in the shape of a cirle and as we know a circle has no end. 

May the sun always shine on our friendships and have no end, in everything.

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