26 hours and 14 mins........

or a total of twenty two thousand, six hundred and ninety four point four six kilometers later ......... I'm finally in London along with my mum and brother.

somewhere over Turkey.

 I've been travelling since Friday to go and collect my mum and brother back to London with me.  They've never traveled this far and I couldn't let them do it alone.

meeting them in Singapore .

boarding the plane.
happy to have landed in London.
Why are they here - well they're here for my daughter's graduation, and to also be tourists for a few days.  I'm so excited for them.  They are a little jet lagged and are thankful to be lying horizontally for some shut eye.

As for me well it feels like I'm back home and it feels good.
I 'HEART' London.


Stori Wann said...

That's so exciting and wonderful! Have fun enjoying London and your family!

Swan Li said...

wÖw! Have fun with your wonderful family!

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