favorite things Friday

So another week done and dusted!

Is it just me or do the days seem to be going by quickly?  Or does that only happen when you have like a million and one things to do.

Well it's been another busy week.  Between the things I've committed to do for our little school, to packing, and preparing and doing my karate exam and also making sure that my mom and brother are ready to fly and meet me in Singapore, it's been hectic.

But in the midst of it all I have managed to slow down and get through the week by grace and see the beauty around me and be thankful.  So here's my five.....

1.  This first one is a big one for me......and my daughter cause she has officially completed her exams and now she waits.  I am so proud of her and this accomplishment.  It made my heart smile.

2.  Passing my karate exam.  I'm so thankful for this and I'm so glad that I am sticking with it.  I have bruises and aches but to know that I am acquiring a skill set to be able to defend myself should I need to, well that's motivation enough for me.  The photo below is my sensei, getting the paperwork done before we start.

3.  I finally managed  to run a sub 10 min mile without hurting too much.  Of course now I want to lower the goal....but I think I'll stay here for a little longer.  Another fave about this, is that both my husband and I are out early in the morning getting a run in.  It's a good feeling.

4.  Lovely local gifts.  Do you do teacher gifts?  I know there are many different opinions out there.  Tell me your thoughts.  

5.  And lastly being celebrated!  My hubby and kids made me feel like a queen for a day.  I put my feet up for the day and it was lovely.

How was your week?

Do share....


Faith said...

Those are really pretty plates! (or are they bowls?? i had trouble telling which). We only do teacher gifts at Xmas and ONLY for the younger grades....as a teacher I tend to get several at xmas and sometimes in June but not usually. My youngest is graduating from high school and from a dance academy she has been doing ballet in for 15 years so at the end of the Dance show in June she will be giving her two ballet teachers a gift.

COngrats to your daughter upon the completion of exams. Is she in college??

Getting a morning work out in is something i miss....i just can't get to work with this new commute AND get a work out in....so I do mine i the late afternoons. I bike and power walk when I'm not hiking.

I hope you enjoy the weekend!

Willow said...

As a teacher, I discovered that the parents in the homeschool community do give gifts. Lovely ones. I'm not much of a gift giver (unless it's knitting) but I am careful to write thank you notes for gifts received.

Congrats to your daugther!

And congrats to you on passing your karate exam. My older daughter does karate and has a belt.

I recognize those bowls! I have a small one that was a gift from someone who had been living in the -stans.

Barbara H. said...

Congratulations on passing your karate exam! And to your daughter on completing her exams! And a belated happy Mother's Day to you. I do enjoy giving teacher gifts at Christmas and the end of the year. There is a web site called Skip to My Lou that has a lot of great, inexpensive teacher gift ideas.

Susanne said...

I love those bowls and the salad set! Those would make lovely teacher gifts. Congrats to passing the karate exam and reaching a running goal. I am not a runner at all and would prefer to do just about anything else but I do love to bike and hike.

Enjoying my karate journey.

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