monochrome Monday

Today my daughter completed her exams.  As a mother I could not be more proud of her that with sheer determination she has gotten through this school year ....all without us being by her side.

Of course we've been a phone call, or a face time call away but for her to stay focused and disciplined to complete her final year must not have been easy but she did it.

So why this picture today for Monochrome monday - well it kind of reminded me that it takes a village.  The little stones underneath the solid concrete reminded me of all the people and experiences that my daughter has experienced in her young life so far have in one way or another contributed to where she is today.
Whether we like it or not the people around us and our individual experiences make us ........or break us.

We decide.

Have a great week.


Mari said...

Good post! Congrats to you and to your daughter.

Stori Wann said...

Congratulations to your daughter! What an exciting time! I love your blog.