It's Friday....

And I'm going to take a break.

A break from blogging to find my way again as to what it is I really want to blog about and what I really want to say.

I've gone through 3 different blogs which i did when I started this expat life of mine.  With each move I started a new blog.

I'll be back, cause I like to keep a running diary of sorts as to things that happen in my life, in our lives.

pakka...... (see ya later)


back at home.....

I wish I could say I was back in Papua New Guinea, but sigh.....I'm back in Kazakhstan.  But it is home....

It was a busy 2 weeks with my daughter graduating, taking mum and my brother sightseeing around London and doing all those things tourists do.

Schools over now.  the kids are out for the summer and I'm ready for a slower pace of life.  I have a few things lined up to keep me busy and I'm working on a schedule for my kids so their not sleeping all day, or watching TV or playing on their electronics.

Don't worry they'll get to do those things too, but not everyday!!

What are your plans for summer......