we made it......

To India!!

my oldest daughter joined us in Bangkok from London and we flew into New Delhi arriving just after midnight.  You would never have known that it was the dead of night cause the hotel was bustling and people where moving in and out like it was broad daylight.

I'm going to get to bed now.

We have a busy start tomorrow.....and our adventure begins.

our hotel room (image from google) but this is what our room really looked like!!
I'm Excited but also tired.


Two more Days....

and we're out of here.  YAY!!!

image from pixaby

I'm getting excited now.  With almost everything wrapped up at school and community we're just down to counting down the days.
Some families have already started their travels back home to family for Christmas ...  We went home last year and so this time we've decided to check out India.

I'm not too sure what to expect but I'm going.  Going with an open mind and an open heart, and it's exciting. 
Actually back when we lived in Thailand and Josh was only 2 maybe 3 years old I wanted to travel to India but my Thai friends convinced me not to just because Josh was too young.
Well my son is now 9 and we're finally going!!

Excited......3 more sleeps and 2 more days.


Weekends over and now I start my countdown!!

The school Christmas play, company parties and a Boy Scouts Christmas Party.

We were a little busy,  but we wouldn't have it any other way.  This is community living and just life in general and it is just that time of the year.

my husband being a good sport 
making their houses

And after this weekend I've started my count down.  In 6 days we're off to India!!
My Indian friends have promptly told me that it won't be so much a vacation .......but rather an adventure.  

And I'm excited about that!!

image from pixabay.


TGIF....for real!!

Why are the last couple of weeks before winter break always so busy?  And no matter how much I think I prepare for it - I'm never quite that ready or prepared!

Anyway I'm just glad it's Friday.

Well the highlight for me this week was my karate test .....and the fact that I passed!!  Yes I did!!  And now I can finally put my yellow belt to rest and proudly wear the next color belt.  And coolest thing is that my son also passed his test so he has a new color too.

I also finished up the after school activities I do (beginner photography and Middle school bowling).  These activities have been satisfying.  Especially the photography where I was so thrilled to hear that the kids actually listened to what I taught them.  That's got to count for something!!

Well the school has it's Christmas play on tonight and then its a weekend of company Christmas parties.  Actually they are called New Year parties seeing that here in Kazakhstan they don't do Christmas!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


winter days

The days are shorter and cold but beautiful.
It's unusual not to have that much snow right now in December, but that's ok.
I'll take it.

Hope you had a relaxing weekend.  (the real crazy is coming ahead this week......I'm ready!!)


December is Here!


have i really been away that long......almost 6 months?!  WOW alright.

It's hard to believe.  I have missed blogging but at the same time have felt absolutely no pressure to write and post.  No pressure at all!! 

Life has been busy.  My mom and brother flew to London to see my daughter graduate, then we took a family vacation to Antigua Barbuda   All my kids celebrated birthdays.  I have a teenager in the house again and I also now have  an adult child....- yikes, for real I have an 18 year old!!  Oh and my husband and I also celebrated another year of marriage.

family - Antigua and Barbuda

Summer came and went and then we got right back into school.  With my second daughter entering grade 8 that means next school year she'll be off to boarding school.  Not to sure where exactly she wants to go but it's going to be a boarding school away from us....sigh.

Our one year of being back in Atyrau Kazakhstan came around again.  I'll be honest - it hasn't all been rosy and smooth sailing, but that's life.  Re-entering any community has got to be difficult but as I've learnt it's how we choose to deal with it....that's the real challenge.  But I think my little family has handled it well.

Well I can't believe 2017 is almost done.  24 days till we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  30 days till we hop on over to the new year.

Yay!  It''s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

And I'm ready.