December is Here!


have i really been away that long......almost 6 months?!  WOW alright.

It's hard to believe.  I have missed blogging but at the same time have felt absolutely no pressure to write and post.  No pressure at all!! 

Life has been busy.  My mom and brother flew to London to see my daughter graduate, then we took a family vacation to Antigua Barbuda   All my kids celebrated birthdays.  I have a teenager in the house again and I also now have  an adult child....- yikes, for real I have an 18 year old!!  Oh and my husband and I also celebrated another year of marriage.

family - Antigua and Barbuda

Summer came and went and then we got right back into school.  With my second daughter entering grade 8 that means next school year she'll be off to boarding school.  Not to sure where exactly she wants to go but it's going to be a boarding school away from us....sigh.

Our one year of being back in Atyrau Kazakhstan came around again.  I'll be honest - it hasn't all been rosy and smooth sailing, but that's life.  Re-entering any community has got to be difficult but as I've learnt it's how we choose to deal with it....that's the real challenge.  But I think my little family has handled it well.

Well I can't believe 2017 is almost done.  24 days till we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  30 days till we hop on over to the new year.

Yay!  It''s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

And I'm ready.

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