TGIF....for real!!

Why are the last couple of weeks before winter break always so busy?  And no matter how much I think I prepare for it - I'm never quite that ready or prepared!

Anyway I'm just glad it's Friday.

Well the highlight for me this week was my karate test .....and the fact that I passed!!  Yes I did!!  And now I can finally put my yellow belt to rest and proudly wear the next color belt.  And coolest thing is that my son also passed his test so he has a new color too.

I also finished up the after school activities I do (beginner photography and Middle school bowling).  These activities have been satisfying.  Especially the photography where I was so thrilled to hear that the kids actually listened to what I taught them.  That's got to count for something!!

Well the school has it's Christmas play on tonight and then its a weekend of company Christmas parties.  Actually they are called New Year parties seeing that here in Kazakhstan they don't do Christmas!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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