What a Weekend.....

I did something this weekend that I've never done before.....  I hosted a party at my house, and I think it went well. 

How difficult can it be really? As long as there is good food, awesome music and lots of drink choices for everyone,  It's got to go well right.....  Oh and the company, you always need good company.

I sent out my save the date and invite last year...... and Saturday night they sailed in!!

It was a fun fun weekend of some island vibe fun in the dead of winter in Kazakhstan.

How was your weekend??


Happiness is......

Being an Auntie again.

2 years ago my sister lost her preemie baby which was really hard for her.  2 weeks ago she was blessed with a healthy little girl.....again.

I'm so happy for her and her husband.  And we're thrilled to add onto our already big family and my kids are excited for another cousin.

One more to add to this picture.... #cousinlove 


New Week equals New Opportunities

Woah it's cold today!!  so cold that it made my head hurt while I went outside to get some pictures.  But I had to go out and soak up the beauty of it all.

Cause it really is beautiful.  And the skies are blue too. 
That's my kind of winter - the sky has to be blue, not that dreary grey.  That messes with my energy.

On another note, my daughter's school applications close today and in true Baure form we we're scrambling last night to finish off a few things.
But we got it done.  Now it's just a waiting game.  Wish us luck!!

Have a great week!  Anything exciting planned? 


Kazakh Customs/Traditions.

Last Sunday my husband and I were invited to be a part of celebration.  In Kazakh a Besik-Toi celebration, which literally translates to - cradle celebration.
A celebration of 40 days of life for this little sweetie in my arms and apparently her naming ceremony.

I had just got off a plane but I really wanted to go.  And when given the opportunity to experience local traditions and cultures from this place we currently call home, I'll go.

It was such a beautiful celebration.  Relatives from both sides of the family and honored guests where invited.  And it had everything that I've come to expect from Kazahk parties - lots of food, drinks, speeches and toasts.  And yes, even dancing!!

Once we all sat down (an hour and half later) the little baby girl was brought in and put into the cradle, then a close relative, which i believe was her grandfather called into her tiny ears 'your name is..... your name is......Eileen.  After that they tied her in securely into the cradle and continued with the ceremony.  As baby Eileen lay in the cradle sweets where placed into it while one of older women said/sang a prayer.

As I sat there and watched I could feel the love.  I was lucky to have sat next to one of my husbands workmates who patiently translated the speeches and graciously explained what was being done, I soaked it all up.  

It was really a beautiful thing to watch.  
Like I said you could feel the love for this little girl and her parents and her family.  I also realised  how important these traditions are and how it brings people together. 
It truly does take a village to raise a child.

Well while I was at this celebration here in KZ, my youngest sister was having her baby half way around the world.  And I know for sure that when the time comes she will also carry out some of our customs and traditions that we have.   My mother did it for us and my sisters and I have done the same for our children.

Traditions and customs are important.  Such things help us to keep our identity relate with our people, our village.
And as an expat raising TC kids (Third Culture Kids), this is something I hold very close to my heart.

Have you seen or experienced a different culture?? Or do you have some customs and traditions that are important to you?

Do Share.

Happy Weekend.


I Did My Happy Dance Today!!

Yep, you bet I did!  Why you ask....cause the kids are back in school.

image from Pixaby
It was a long break.  3 weeks of being together in hotel rooms is long!  Don't get me wrong I enjoy our vacations/holidays/time together but separation is good.  Good for everyone.

My kids have missed their friends and I'd even bet on it that they've missed the structure of school.  They like it.  I've missed my 'me time' too.  I'm honest.

Well with the kids off to school and time on my hands again - apart from the usual running of the house, keeping everybody fed, clean and manages different schdules ......... I've been thinking of a few projects/classes for me for this year.

I've got some ideas floating around in my head.  Ideas for now but I hope to have something concrete by the weekend.

Are your kids back in school?  What are your plans/goals/dreams for this new year?

Do Share......


There is nothing better.....

Than sleeping in your own bed!!!  Seriously, next to clean sheets on my bed, I love sleeping in my own bed.

my bed
The last time I slept in my bed was last year (LOL), actually it's been exactly 3 weeks since I last slept in my bed and last nights sleep was glorious.  (I know I'm weird like that)

Anyway today I took my tree down.  I always feel like once I do this then the New Year really begins for me.  In a sense we put away the last of last years things and it's time to move forward.  Not just physically but also mentally.  Especially mentally.

It's now a week into the new year and I'm ready for 2018.  Ready to try new things and DO new things. To do life better, live simply and take those risk!!

Oh I received some happy and exciting news yesterday.  My sister had her baby girl yesterday and I am so relieved.  She lost her first child almost 2 years ago and yesterday she was blessed again.  Actually we all were.  I'm so happy for her and her husband and I know they'll be great parents.

Anyhoo.....gotta continue the clean up of my house.  Funny how taking down the tree makes you do that.  So much 'stuff' to get rid off.  But i'm determined to be clutter free for 2018.

Letsssss do this!!

Happy Monday friends!

What are you up to and how was your 1st week of 2018??


And it's a New Year!

Happy 2018 friends.

as the calendar has turned I can't believe that I haven't thought of any resolutions, which is what I usually do.  Promises to stop doing something or getting rid of something.  This time around I couldn't be bothered to be honest.  Cause 10 days in I fail......

What's going through my mind is this ......for 2018 all I really want to do is just to do life better!! To trust myself enough to take risks, to live boldly and simply.

Easy right............lets do this.  (Oh and to also be healthy and do my best to get rid of those last 10 pounds)!!