Hello February!!

OMG, what happened to January?  That sure was fast.  It only seems like yesterday we were watching incredible displays of fireworks all over the world, and today well it's February!!

Life's moving for sure!!

Well it's still cold around here, that hasn't changed.  But it's been a pitiful showing of snow for this winter season.  Gosh,  I remember my first winter here in Atyrau , it was white.  Pure pretty white snow and there was lots of it.

You see for me when there's snow it just makes the cold bearable.

Otherwise nothing much happening as we go into month 2 of 2018.  My husband has gotten busier (but when is he not, really.  That is why we live here).  The kids are well into school and are working on science fair projects right now.  We still have a month more to wait on my middle child's school applications (from the US)  although she has an offer already from a school in the UK...... yay,  and it's time again to sign up for the healthy heart month challenge - 28 miles in 28 days!!!

Click here if you want to get moving in the month of February and record your mileage with us (Your mileage helps our small school out)

lacing it up again!! (I have got new shoes)

Yep, I'm doing it again.

You could say I'm a runner and I enjoy it and I can totally do the mileage. Distance is not the problem - I ran 156  (So I went back to see how many miles I ran last year and it was 114.... ) miles last year !!.  So I'm setting a challenge for myself.
This time around it's all about my time and speed.

I hope it's not unrealistic, cause I think we are stronger than we give ourselves credit for, so here it is. By the end of the month I'm aiming to be able to run a 6 minute mile.  I'm 42 and have never had a serious injury but my knees sometimes give me problems but that's my challenge.

A 6 minute mile!!

Wish me luck and happy February everyone!

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Mari said...

Your snowy pictures are so pretty! I agree that if you have cold, you should have snow too! I like your shoes too. :)
We are not sports fans here so no superbowl of rugby for us!