It's Super Bowl Weekend!

And I'm here in Almaty (the former capital of Kazakhstan) half way across the world from where the game will be played.
But I'll be getting up early Monday morning our time to watch the game for sure!!

I think I happened upon American Football.  I'm a Rugby Lover - Rubgy League and Rugby Union.  I grew up watching these games and played a version of it back in my school days.  But for almost 15 years I have watched the NFL (National Football League in the US).  I learned the game from watching the games on TV.  I don't totally understand the jargon of NFL, but I enjoy watching.......watching he New Englad Patriots!!

I know they are probably a really polarising team.  There are a lot of haters, but that's my team.

And this weekend I'm hoping the NE Patriots win the game.  Last years SuperBowl was surreal.  I don't think that will happen again.  I'm expecting a close game for sure...

But before the Super Bowl the Six Nations begins tonight.  Scotland Vs Wales.  I'm happy rugby season is back.  It's been too long.

Which team you got for the Super Bowl??   And who are you tipping to win the Six Nations?

Happy Saturday!

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