Yesterday was.....

a long day!!

I did wake up to watch the game like I said I would.  Which was ok, but what made it even longer was the fact that we lost. 

My team lost, which made me sad and a that's why it was a really long day.

Yes I get invested in a team but we move on.  We certainly got outplayed.  The Patriots defense was shocking.  But you win (many other SuperBowls) and we loose some.  That's sports.
My kids even got up and watched with me, which kind of surprised me but it was great.

We didn't have any of those Super Bowl foods cause it was too early, but we watched.

Anyway I made it through the day. And I will give credit where credit is due.  Well Done Eagles!!

On another note.... my neice is getting married.  And I'm super excited, cause this means we get to go home!!!

I'm looking forward to planning.

Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

Mari said...

We aren't football fans so we didn't watch... Sorry your team didn't win though. Next time!
Hooray for the engagement and even more for a trip home!

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